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When the crazy wheel slows down

December 18, 2011
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I had thought for ages about what to make my first post. I mostly had this to follow and comment on friends blogs. But I’ll try to actually post some things and make this an interesting little slice of me.

I used the name for it I use in a fair few places, It’s a line from Chess, and its just one that jumped out at me, it’s half way through a Freddie rant and occasionally I have rants to equal his so…it stuck! And y’know, one of my favourite musicals, Theatre related, all of the above. It ticked boxes

On that note, I am qualified now. I have a Trinity Guildhall Diploma in Musical Theatre and FETAC’s in such things as Stage Management, Directing and the performance modules. But I decided to try for a job in the UK and missed the Grad Day so it feels a bit like I didn’t get the payoff which is silly cause I have the pretty pretty certificates. The Guildhall one is gold!. The current plan, being back in Ireland is get some kind of job. Ideally in Medical Secretarial which I’m also qualified for but anything is good at this stage. I would like to use my college skills but Ireland right now, the arts are having the same job issue as the rest of the country and it seems the UK too. I got part time work with the NHS, was told if I waited six months I might get full time. But I couldn’t hang around for a ‘might’ and two days wages was not enough to live on. So here I will focus on a job that pays for things and keeping up part time study. I’ll get to where I wanna be at some point. I know it.

Plans for that include,

  • Doing the licentiate part time so I can Voice Coach.
  • Possibly doing something in Sound Tech so I have another thing I can do in the Theatre.
  • Doing at least one show this year.

I did not expect to be here at 29. I know there are logical reasons, recession, unemployment, and lets face it. A Diploma in skills that are hardly marketable in terms of jobs outside of that one area. But I’m not resentful. I enjoyed my twenties, I lived. I might not have the house/fabulous job yet. But I’ll get there 🙂 I just hate not having things to do. And I’m looking into volunteering and Internships so thats always a possibility. And god help me I’m also involving myself in Politics, its not gonna change right now, its not gonna be easy but I always think you shouldn’t complain if you don’t do anything to help change it.

Anyway yes, there it is. Call it a start.

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